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What if you had an advantage in your next sales meeting...

and knew exactly how to communicate with a prospect to pique their interest?


On the Fly helps you quickly know how to communicate with a prospect. Using the proven DISC behavioral profile utilized by thousands of companies worldwide, On the Fly helps sales professionals build stronger connections with their prospects through a better understanding of what motivates and drives their decision making.

In addition to valuable insights into your prospect, On the Fly also includes a free personal profile to better understand your own strengths and challenges. 

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Do you have a prospect who is assertive, to the point, and wants the bottom line? On the Fly will show you how to influence this forceful, strong-willed style. 


Are there colleagues on your team who are naturally friendly with everyone? Their optimism and talkative nature likely means they have a lot of parrot energy. On the Fly will show you how to work better with them which issues arise. 


Are you patient, sincere, and loyal by nature? You probably have Dove energy and this gives you key skills in the sales process. On the Fly will show you how to maximize your strengths while also revealing potential blind spots. 


Do you have a client who is precise, analytical, and formal in their mannerisms? This is likely an Owl style. On the Fly will show you what is important to this type so that you can build a healthy, strong relationship. 

Using On The Fly

It can be difficult when you are just starting relationships with potential customers.  It's crucial to be able to speak their language and be able to communicate effectively. On The Fly assists with helping you identify with the behaviors of your audience so you can communicate with them in the most effective and successful way. 


Key Features

Contains two DISC profiles:

  •  A self-profile, which reveals your sales strengths challenges

  • A prospect profile, which enables you to better understand the expectations and habits of a prospective customer.

Enables you to: 

  • Store as many prospect profiles as you like

  • Record notes on each prospect in the notes section

  • Retake both your own profile and a prospect’s profile

  • Practice the art and science of reading people’s behavioral styles through the eight-question prospect profile

Great tool for improving sales and communication

If you’re looking for a quick and effective way to understand best communication strategies for your individual clients and customers, this is a great app. You can quickly determine behavior types and adjust your delivery based on the material provided. I’m at deploying this to my entire sales team!

May 12, 2023

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